Monday, June 29, 2009


DMV own Hassani-Kwess droped me a new jonit called Kinda Like A Big Deal - The One x Kwess he is workin on his EP called "Cross Into The Black" and the mixtape is called "The Nightmare Before BLACKness" this is a dope a** guy hit him up: www.twitter,com/vibecalledkwess The One -
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Drique London X Nyc

So I'm in new york man they sowed me so much love i had a ball even doe i workedmost of the time i did videos interviews shows i did it all and i got to know alot of kool cats these 2 weeks i was up hear but hears a couple Pics yea the bakey comin real Soon ill be back soon Nc

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super Nike Nando

my son puttin in mad Work give him the respect he deserve for real sick tape comingsoon

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The GrungeCake Crisis Mag Presents Drique London The Bakery "June 29th"

Grungecake presents Drique London The bakery coming June 29Th its 15 dope tracks beats from RDu Gravy majestic ace legacy and more be on the look out for it June 29Th the bakery

drique London

Monday, June 15, 2009

The GrungeCake Crisis Mag Presents Drique London The Bakery

The GrungeCake Crisis Mag Presents Drique London The Bakery This is the Art work for the CD the mix tape will Be up for Download the end of the month so stay Up on the blog for more Info props to every one that help and supported me threw out the Mix tape and Much love to Yams and the grungecake family

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bake Wear Clothing Stay Fresh Daily Vol. 1 Mixtape

Bake Wear Clothing presents Stay Fresh Daily Vol. 1 Mix tape i teamed up with bake wear and also numbers of artist when they put together this mix tape its real dope download it and support there movement The goal of this mixtape was to spread the word not only about artists who wear our brand, but also artists who are making good music. There are no DJ drops/blends of any sort on this, just clear music the way it was meant to be heard.-the bake sale staff
track list
Bake Wear Clothing Presents...Stay Fresh Daily Vol. 1
00. Skool Boy Mixtape Intro.01. Skool Boy-Coolest Squares 02. Overdoz-theShaw03. Sean Wallace-Represent The West Coast 04. The Dropouts (El Prez X DNEZ)-Cop Trees05. Pugs Atomz-Winners06. P.O.P-Dougie Fresh07. Casey Veggies-Back For Another One08. FamBiz-Out In The Sun09. The 90s Kids-Number One10. Nick-N-Beans-U Ain't Even That Bad11. Rope Chain Spiller Kidz-Do It Like Me12. Dutch Newman & Greg Enemy-Do U Like Mine13. 87 Stick Up Kids-Rhyme Gets Chosen14. Philos-Move15. Anwar Carrots-Make Da Trap Say Aye16. Claire Hux- Ima Freak17. Dana La Rock-Hype Kids18. Al.N. Strange-Al.N. Strange PT. 219. Canary-Coolie High20. Priscilla Cruz-Wind It Up21. Drique London-London What Up22. Young X-Skate On23. Adrian Grey-Nashville Star24. Ivy Von Boris-Goth Broox

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drique London X GrungeCake

Drique London performs live June 26th in NYC for GrungeCake Bake Sale: hit up to view more and learn more about the event on look out for The GrungeCake Presents Drique London The Bakery dropin late June

Monday, June 8, 2009

"gettin paid"

Yo this is a couple cats out the NC area king mez of the lazzareto crew M.N.O and cabrielle its a dope as track getting payed look out for future projects from king mez Oh me and mez got something coming for you real soon plus me and M.N.O will be back in the booth together skram at me hit up and

drique London

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Wealth club super smash Bros out now

The Waite is over Download it now

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yo this is me and my hard working manager qwinne kicking it wit yams when she came to NC for the release of grungcake crisis mag well kinda like that but it was a all white event very interesting i had fun but yea if you haven't got the Mag yet please do it its real interesting lol but i cant Waite for the bake sale in new york June 26Th see every one there

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Charles Hamilton punched by girl!

Yo you see my son Charles want to lay shorty out son was pissed but i respected him for not hitting her plus his hold career would of been Over but this mad funny he just put shorty all out there crazy but watch and tell we what you think

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Have Fans Lol So Random!! Drique London XMuffy

I was Doing my daily YouTube video search and i came Up on this My future wife Lol muffy shouted yea son Out Listen How she said i was to Young Lol shes Funny but watch it is mad Hilarius

Drique London X SAY "YHAP"



Thursday, June 4, 2009

(True Blue) Retro 3

I was looking on 23 is back and i seen Jordan was dropping the Retro 3 again in August I'm so amped son like 4 real but ill keep you posted threw out the months

**This shoe might not be released in the USA** The Jordan company plans to release the (True Blue) Retro 3 again this August and it should look exactly like the one released a few years

The Wealth Club-Super Smash Brothers

This mixtape will Be out June 8th Stay up On the blog to Find out How to cop It Download link and track List After The Jump

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Artist: U-N-I (yothurz dot com)Song: Hollywood HiatusAlbum: A Love Supreme (Download for free at yothurz dot com)Director: Tomás Whitmore
i know I'm kinda late but the video is so dope i had to post this i been F**kin with u-n-i since fried chicken and watermelon when they wear just kids in college tryna do something but mush love to them hope you like the video

Drique London-Raleigh Chillin

Yo i was in the booth playing around one night i had mad time on my hands and i recorded this track its called Raleigh chillin off the wale -chill in track um download it if you Like it” ~Drique London

Download Link

Wale ft. Lady GaGa - Chillin Sneak Peak

Do you see my son its almost time the video look dope so fare props to my son Wale