Friday, November 21, 2008

Dedication 3

to be real im not feelin this mixtape but thats me
let me know what you all think hit up to order this mix tape if you dont have it all ready

Dedication 3
Welcome Back
Dedication 3 feat. Mack Mane, Willie The Kid, Gudda Gudda
What Else Is The To Do
Thingy Pleaser feat. Jae Millz
Ain't I feat. Jae Millz
You Love Me You Hate Me
Bang Bang feat. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda
The Other Side feat. La The Darkman, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda
My Weezy feat. Shanell, Lil Twist & Tyga
A Dedication
She's A Ryder feat. Gudda Gudda
Still I Rise feat. Nicki Manaj
Magic feat. Gudda Gudda
Do's & Don'ts Of Young Money
Whoever You Like feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
That Was Easy
Get Bizzy feat. Gudda Gudda
I Got That Gangsta feat. La The Darkman & Willie The Kid
A Message To The DJ's
Stuntin feat. Drake
Put On For The Game feat. Tyga & Gudda Gudda
Dedication 4 ????

Teyana is on the cover of Rap-Up Magazine Rap-Up Summer 2008 Issue On Sale Now

Teyana is on the cover of Rap-Up Magazine with fellow female artists Keri Hilson and Solange Knowles! hit up to check out the behind the scenes video of the three "Brave New Girls

photo shoot with Alexis B"

Alexis B" a photographer out or Raleigh nc looked out 4 me yesterday with the simple photo shoot so you all look at them and tell me what you think hit up If you won’t sum pics

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nike SB Dunk Low - Mosquito November 2008 QuickStrike

the mosquito nike sb is going to be a QuickStrike there set to be relased november 2008 but you can hit up for a pare now or hit up Kix-Files for preorders.
The official colorway is Vanilla/Vermillon Red-Black Frost The insole has a silhouette of the SB mosquito cleaning up his mess with a pair of Nike SB socks hit up and for more news on this sneaker
im copin them im a try to get 2 but as i get more info i will post it on the blog

Nike SB Spiderman Dunk Mid Marina/Black, dropin this month

the ‘Spiderman’ SB Mids. Part of the Superhero Pack of SB releasing. There available in Canada now but the sb mid should be hiting the states some time this mounth . hit up for more info on this shoe and i seen the pack its stupid tuff check the blog for more up dates on this sneaker

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov. 22 - Retro 1 HI Strap (Black/Red).

nov. 22 Retro 1 HI Strap (Black/Red: It will be limited. This was the original colorway that the NBA banned when Jordan started wearing it in 1984. Three games into the 1984-85 Season the NBA (David Stern) fined Jordan up to $5,000 for each game he wore the shoe. its a must cop hit up for more info on this shoe.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Revenge Of The Nerds Asher Roth - The GreenHouse Effect

when you get a chance stop buy and pick up this mixtape

Leaders Of The New Cool (Mixtape)

Mick Boogie and DJ Treats present Leaders Of The New Cool mix tape. Features The Cool Kids, The Knox, B.O.B., Charles Hamilton and more!
Last month, we highlighted hip-hop’s new class in our exclusive Leaders of the New Cool fashion story, which featured The Cool Kids, Wale, The Knux, B.o.B. and Charles Hamilton. Now, Complex’s new jacks are joined by the next wave of talent like Pac Div, U-N-I, and Supreeme for a special downloadable mixtape.
The 28-track compilation that’s hosted by mixtape heavyweight Mick Boogie, along with Complex’s own DJ Treats, brings together a crop of new talent you should be getting familiar with. Download link and track list after the jump.
1) Mick Boogie “Intro”2) The Knux “Fire”3) 88 Keys “Bout To Bus”4) Treats Speaks…5) B.o.B “I’ll Be In The Sky”6) Mickey Factz feat. Curtis Santiago “Automatic”7) U-N-I “Hollywood Hiatus (Cool It Now)” Charles Hamilton “It’s”9) Fashawn “Buyer’s Guide”10) The Knux “Bang Bang”11) Treats Speaks…12) Fresh Daily & Homeboy Sandman “Swerve”13) Daytona & 6th Sense “Too Complex”14) Marky “Higher”15) Cool Kids “Delivery Man”16) Chip Tha Ripper feat. Naledge, Mickey Factz & Mic Terror “Next Up”17) B.o.B “Generation Lost”18) Tanya Morgan “Stay Cool”19) Charles Hamilton “Hell Boys”20) Treats Speaks…21) Izza Kizza “Parking Lot Pimpin”22) Big Sean “Tomorrow”23) D-Black & Big Pooh “Top Of The World”24) Pacific Divison “Wake Up”25) Donnis “Dope Girl”26) Supreeme “Roni”27) The Knux “Cappuccino (Remix)”28) Nola Darling feat. Fresh Daily “Coco Rico”
i have a copy my self this is a real hott mix tape pick up a copy

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Underground Streetwear from Acropolis Apparel

Acropolis ApparelTM is a streetwear clothing company with a cerebral approach to fashion, ensuring each design has a specific definition and underlying meaning. Unique concepts created from human history fused with contemporary society, for provocative thought. Staying true to our roots that span throughout time and culture. Ancient Remains.Modern BeginningsT is a blending of all aspects from past civilizations and cultures with their modern counterparts.

Acropolis is defined as high city (Greek: acro, high + polis, city). Meaning "city at the top", the Acropolis is located atop the highest point in a city for defensive purposes. The Acropolis doubles as the nucleus of the city and is home to the most important structures and temples. The Acropolis represents the pinnacle of society, an elevated state of achievement or level of greatness. It is the culmination of the art, philosophy, music, theater and athletics or simply put - the culture, of society.
Acropolis Apparel is a street inspired clothing company with a focus on progress and achievement. Inspired by the street culture of Los Angeles and Southern California in general, the goal is to create designs rich in thought that people feel. Whether it’s a reference to art, history, hoops or science each design aims to spark thought. Acropolis as a company represents a continual progress of working towards improvement. We support all those who help to improve the world and leave their mark. Individuals that carry themselves in a respectful way while maintaining their own personal style and swagger.
The company was founded in 2007 with a vision to create a brand that represented street style while maintaining a cerebral focus. Knowledge is key - keys open doors. Acropolis is currently spreading its message to heads with a taste for fly design, detail and insight. The line is available in limited quantities online as well as in streetwear boutiques and skate shops across the country. Stay True, Stay Fly
Acropolis is dedicated to continually improving & progressing. We research & test different ink types, printing methods, fabrics & cuts an ongoing effort to create the best possible products. Our goal is to create quality clothing by combining creativity with substance. All while staying fresh, creative and true to our concept. Close attention is paid to detail and insightful information is offered to enhance each design. Influences come from the past, through the present and into the future. Everything from past civilizations, inventions, mythologies & wars to modern art, icons, science & sports is incorporated. Ancient Remains...Modern Beginnings™ is our philosophy of continually educating ourselves to raise our game and reach our pinnacle. -

i been doing sum research lookin in to underground street clothing lines and came across this one i think its a dope company tell me what you think about it

XXL The Seminar



XXL: So what do you guys think of being named XXL’s top 10 rappers to look out for in 2009? Did you see last year’s issue? What did you think of being part of this when you got the call?
Kid Cudi: Aw, man, shit is dope.
Wale: I think it’s very cutting-edge, and it’s very ahead of the curve for XXL to acknowledge the fact that there’s a new breed of MCs coming in. The ’90s was cool, but it’s like, for so long, people ain’t been able to let it go. Like, not letting go the fact that Jay-Z’s the greatest rapper of all time, but letting go, like, Yo, it’s been this wall and muthafuckas ain’t been able to push through it. ’Cause, you know what, everybody that’s come out after Biggie’s death is wack. If I didn’t know who you were before Biggie died, then you’re wack. Biggie died in, what, ’97? Eleven years ago. And it’s like nobody new that you just found out about—with a couple exceptions, like Kanye, T.I. But before those guys died, people could come out new, and it’d be like, “Wow, this dude is dope,” and people would embrace that rapper. Now it’s like, “Oh, Wale? Oh, who is he? Cudi, who the fuck is that? Ace Hood and Cory?” People are just not ready to accept anything new, because it’s all… I was on the Rock the Bells tour. You would see people go crazy for Wu-Tang. Crazy. And it hurt my heart, because why Wu-Tang drop an album now? All them people ain’t gon’ buy it. It’s like everything stopped after Biggie died. Everything stopped and slowly declined, with the exception of, like, Kanye, T.I. and a couple of other artists. But the megasuperstar is gone. It used to be seven, eight megasuperstars. It used to be groups—Tribe, Wu-Tang—and it’s all gone now. Now it’s just, like, Kanye, Lil Wayne and everyone else.
XXL: How do the rest of you feel about what Wale said?
Kid Cudi: I think that everybody here is the collection of what took so long to create. Like, when that shit was poppin’, like what Wale said, in that era, we was just young’ns listening to that shit. That’s what inspired us. And now it took us to grow and actually have that vision, and everybody in here has the same dream, and we all worked at it and got to this point. So it took that long. It took 11 years for some muthafuckas to come up and be like, bong, this is what you… Muthafuckas, kids—like a Nas, if that nigga had a son, his son would be on our shit. Like, Prodigy’s son. He’s one of my biggest fans. Prodigy’s son came up to me, like, “Yo, I like [your song] ‘Day ‘N’ Nite.’” I was like, “Word? You know your father is, like, one of the originators of gangsta rap?” [Group laughter]
That’s the illest shit in the world to me. So we speaking to the new generation. It’s a whole new breed of young kids. Girls, boys, all types of muthafuckas is coming up and just wanna hear something different. The kids that wasn’t around for the Biggies and the Tupacs and only see the reruns of the videos and weren’t actually watching the awards shows when muthafuckas was beefing and shit and got to see the East Coast/West Coast beef. We doing it to give our kids, our kids’ kids, something to talk about 20 years from now. Everybody in this know who Soulja Boy is. He played his part in hip-hop, and that’s what hip-hop’s all about. In the beginning, it was just have fun. But, now, the new breed, like us, have shit to talk about. More than just talk about working a 9 to 5 and blue-collar shit.

OFF / has the goal of longevity, and I hope everybody’s blessed enough to have that, because not everybody’s gon’ have that longevity. It’s a give and take. Some muthafuckas’ roles is different than the next. Soulja Boy… Who’s to say he’s gon’ be here 20 years from now? I mean, I like his shit. You gotta take it for what it is. He’s a young kid. He’s doing his thing. He played a role. His record is, like, the illest shit. It was on TV. It was in movies… Muthafuckas


Drique London and Dana la Rock are in the works of collaborating and making a hit for the streets there not shore when they will drop the track but trust me its going to be heat so stay up on the blogs and there MySpace pages to know more about the song and when they will drop the track


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


What up world this your boy drique London im a artist out of Raleigh nc .im 17 I make produce and promote my own music .growing up in Astoria queens then moving to Raleigh was a big step cause I al ways been a head of most my ear for music is different than most cats in the south I bring a northern swag with a northern word play and niggas don’t except it I feel like my style is different im sick of the game now and I feel like artist like my self wale, b.o.b. Cory guns and most in that category don’t get the respect we deserve im from an era where hip-hop plays a big role in kids like my self life. I grew up listing to snoop ,dmx, and other artist that was big in the 90s .I fell in love with rap I was about 9 I say I was at home in my room and I seen the gin and juice video and that’s when I new I wonted to do this. I seen a lot of artist come in and out the game and I seen a lot of cats get sighed off of hot garbage so I fell like I bring some thing good to the table hip hop is in a state when records sales its at its all time low and labels not doing or throwing out the same money as they use to so most artist go to get it on there own I recorded my hold first mix tape DA MONSTA in my room and dropped in may 14th 06 and I got most love from artist that really respect hip hop cause it was a sound that know one heard artist in Raleigh nc don’t get much love like new York’s or dc niggas or cats in la based off the stereo type that south niggaz have there’s artist in the south that have grate word play like my self I get slept on a lot cause im young and my style is crazy like I look up to wale, chuck English , Nan do macfy and micky factz and I add all that in my raps so im bringing a sound that know one really heard like the internet is what s make in most niggaz or young underground artist like my self famous heads have ipods now and they looking for a new sound so they search for niggaz that’s hot I don’t try 2 put on a front or what ever and be some one im not I rap about stuff I like dog girls, sneakers, clothing stuff in that nature and mix all that with life and add it to beats with weird sound and drums to make hits I hop yawl got a lil info be on the look out for me DRIQUE LONDON

And stay up on the blogs so you can know up and coming shows and mix tape and album realse