Friday, May 29, 2009

June 26th -the Grunge Cake Bake Sale

Grunge Cake Summer Event Dates have been posted. June 26Th, July 10Th and August 21st. June 26Th is the Grunge Cake Bake Sale, in which, will debut the official "Grunge Cake" and showcase live music. Who are the artists? The best of the interested will be selected. If your song selections are alive and vibrant you will have a longer set. Think wisely. July 10Th is the premiere of episode of The Grunge Cake Crisis World Magazine and its first film. There will also be live music. I love live music, what can I say? The same will apply and August 21st will be my first world sound design experiment. I plan to get Violet Mic involved. There will be cheap alcoholic drinks and mushrooms on deck (I kid about the mushrooms.) Cheap drinks means you will be escorted off of the premises, if wild enough. Magazines will also be on sale of course. Filming and photographs will be taken. If you are running from the government-here's the hint-Do not show up! I am also looking for new, independent companies to sponsor with products with products I dig. RSVP invite only! If you pre-ordered my second magazine, your admission is free for all events this summer. The events mentioned are fundraisers for my late-uncles and family in Liberia who I have lost this April. If you would like to volunteer, support, cook, bake, bartender, donate, host, help, DJ, photograph, secure, sponsor, (face)paint and give merchandise for gift bags- simply, respond to this text message. PS I have no shame and I love you all. Don't keep this to yourself. Blog it, spread the fortunate word.

I will see you all There

Drique London

Ps. RSVP ONLY chil'rensz.

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