Friday, November 5, 2010

Doc Music Group X Deapth of Sound Presents " Amelia Earhart " mixed by DJNONEONE "Out Now"

What Up WORLD,
Amelia Earhart the mixtape is finally here!
I know you've seen videos, promos, tweets, blog information ect; and after much anticipation, it is available. Amelia Earhart is brought to you by DOC music group, Deapth of Sound productions and mixed my Dj None one. With production and features by some of the most talented producers and artist in the Carolinas. This tape came about after my mom passed this past July, i started recording to get my mind off of it and deal with the pain. After i recorded 10 tracks, i decided to put this tape together. The mixtape consist of 18 tracks touching on issues about feeling down, girl problems, partying, feeling like people dont care, the state of hip hop in my area, and so much more. I touch on alot of things and situations and i know that the listeners can feel where i am coming from. i thank you all for the support!! It has been a real process, long sessions and hard work. Just like the real Amelia Earhart, i feel that i have what it takes to be the first to take off and become a legend out of my area. I am fortunate to have people that support my grind!
But enough of this, scroll down and check out the mixtape.

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