Monday, May 11, 2015

Drique London - Sound Of The Rising Sun ArtWork/TrackList

1. Preamble Prod. U'nique Music

2. IXIIV Prod. Majestic

3. You Don’t Know Prod. The Candidates

4. Celebrate ft. Carlitta Durand Prod. Majestic

5. Breach. Prod. Majestic

6. Hol’ it down (Vintage) ft. Donovan McCray , Fresh Daily & Like (of PacDiv) Prod. Majestic

7. Mysterious Vibes ft. Justin Alexander Prod.The Candidates

8. LayBach Prod. Majestic

9. Iz u Ridin’ w/ Carrington Prod. U'nique Music 

10. Negguz Prod. Majestic 

5/13/15 Thank you all for the support 

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