Thursday, November 13, 2008

Underground Streetwear from Acropolis Apparel

Acropolis ApparelTM is a streetwear clothing company with a cerebral approach to fashion, ensuring each design has a specific definition and underlying meaning. Unique concepts created from human history fused with contemporary society, for provocative thought. Staying true to our roots that span throughout time and culture. Ancient Remains.Modern BeginningsT is a blending of all aspects from past civilizations and cultures with their modern counterparts.

Acropolis is defined as high city (Greek: acro, high + polis, city). Meaning "city at the top", the Acropolis is located atop the highest point in a city for defensive purposes. The Acropolis doubles as the nucleus of the city and is home to the most important structures and temples. The Acropolis represents the pinnacle of society, an elevated state of achievement or level of greatness. It is the culmination of the art, philosophy, music, theater and athletics or simply put - the culture, of society.
Acropolis Apparel is a street inspired clothing company with a focus on progress and achievement. Inspired by the street culture of Los Angeles and Southern California in general, the goal is to create designs rich in thought that people feel. Whether it’s a reference to art, history, hoops or science each design aims to spark thought. Acropolis as a company represents a continual progress of working towards improvement. We support all those who help to improve the world and leave their mark. Individuals that carry themselves in a respectful way while maintaining their own personal style and swagger.
The company was founded in 2007 with a vision to create a brand that represented street style while maintaining a cerebral focus. Knowledge is key - keys open doors. Acropolis is currently spreading its message to heads with a taste for fly design, detail and insight. The line is available in limited quantities online as well as in streetwear boutiques and skate shops across the country. Stay True, Stay Fly
Acropolis is dedicated to continually improving & progressing. We research & test different ink types, printing methods, fabrics & cuts an ongoing effort to create the best possible products. Our goal is to create quality clothing by combining creativity with substance. All while staying fresh, creative and true to our concept. Close attention is paid to detail and insightful information is offered to enhance each design. Influences come from the past, through the present and into the future. Everything from past civilizations, inventions, mythologies & wars to modern art, icons, science & sports is incorporated. Ancient Remains...Modern Beginnings™ is our philosophy of continually educating ourselves to raise our game and reach our pinnacle. -

i been doing sum research lookin in to underground street clothing lines and came across this one i think its a dope company tell me what you think about it

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