Saturday, January 3, 2009

Twin Peaks’ black Dunk High Premium

as every one know im a big sb head and these are the sickest his right now i cant wake to they hit the local skate shops in N.C im a keep you posted on these kickz there due to drop this month there already out in the U.K i will drop mad brad on these stay tuned

In a bit of a nice pre-Christmas surprise for those of us living in the UK (and those of you further afield who can’t wait and are willing to pay Pound prices and international shipping), the January Nike SB releases have arrived already.
There’s the ‘Twin Peaks’ black Dunk High Premium, black forest/lemondrop P-Rod II and two colours of the all-new Veloce.
The only one missing, annoyingly, is the purple Blazer Premium. No word as yet as to when that juicy little number will be arriving, but there’s still plenty to get excited about

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